Hey! I'm Tom Jones, a creative Photographer & Director based in the beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand.

My infatuation with photography started soon after purchasing my first SLR in 2010, and both my passion for the still image, and my portfolio, have been growing with strength ever since. Being particularly interested in the raw, unpolished elements of nature, and the beauty in meeting strangers, I especially enjoy adventure, portrait and event photography.

Over the last 6 years, I've enjoyed shooting a huge variety of campaigns and events for the likes of Flight Facilities, Air New Zealand, Adobe, Amazon, Red Bull, ARA, and countless local businesses across Australia.

Since graduating with a BA(hons) Film degree at University in 2010, I've produced and directed content for broadcast and online, working with the BBC, Channel 4, ABC, Disney Channel, Red Bull, Commonwealth Bank, Adobe and Samsung. Credited with creative, treatment, script & copy writing, pre and post-producing, and directing teams large and small, I have a well-rounded wealth of experience to draw from.

Outside of my professional life, I'll often be found with a camera around my neck, shooting characters on the street in order to satisfy my inquisitive, sociable nature.

I'll also be found in a yoga studio, either flowing through my favourite Vinyasa sequence, sitting in meditation, or taking a class myself, after becoming a certified yoga teacher in mid-2016. I also became a massage therapist in mid-2017, further educating myself in working with different people in various ways.

If you're having a hard time finding me, I'm probably offline doing what I love doing most; seeing the world. But I always love a chat, so... Say hi!


Phone: +64 (0) 21 024 27649

Email: tom@mrtomjones.com